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Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

Is an eating disorder taking over your life? Ask yourself these questions?

Do you:

-Feel guilty or ashamed about eating?
-Have thoughts about food, weight, and eating throughout your day?
-Feel out of control when it comes to eating?
-Vomit after meals?
-Use laxatives or diuretics?
-Feel tired, exhausted, and/or depressed?
-Obsessively think about food, weight, and eating?
-Exercise obsessively?
-Avoid eating meals or snacks when you're around other people?
-Calculate fat grams, calories, and/or carbohydrates?
-Weigh yourself often and feel obsessed with the number on the scale?
-Exercise because you feel like you have to, not because you want to?
-Feel afraid of gaining weight?
-Feel out of control when you are eating?
-Engage in these eating patterns: extreme dieting, withdrawn or rigid behaviors at mealtime, or secretive bingeing?
-Consider weight loss, dieting, and/or control of food to be one of your major concerns?
-Feel ashamed, disgusted, or guilty after eating?
-Worry about the weight, shape, or size of your body?
-Feel like your identity and value is based on how you look or how much you weigh?

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