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  • Jan Taylor Schultz

Facing COVID-19

What a time we are having right now. With so much uncertainty, worry, and unsettling information via social media, the news, AND with friends and neighbors discussing the Coronavirus situation, it is hard to feel grounded. I find my mind wondering back to the news and media updates that flash every few hours. It is hard not to think about what is going on in the world.

Even though it is difficult to stay grounded, here are a few things you can do. Grokker online is offering free yoga and meditation classes. They have numerous good and helpful instructors/videos from which to choose. I just started looking at the possibilities, and that alone helped me feel better and gave me a distraction. Also online are many positive and inspiration quotes and meditational apps that can be downloaded on your cell phone. Putting positive quotes on post it notes in the mirror or around the house also can be helpful.

I know that people who are dealing with eating issues are having some heightened worry about food, weight, and eating. Where there is so much anxiety arising, the mind can be triggered to go back to what it knows—instead of focusing on underlying anxiety, it’s easy for the mind to go back to the easy (but unhelpful) distraction and focus on body image and eating. Acknowledging the anxiety, talking with a friend about how you feel, putting your hand on your heart and taking at least four deep breaths, sometimes can shift negative thoughts.

When thinking about worry, it’s hard not to do the “all or nothing.” “I just can’t get out of my head so what is the point of doing these things,” one might say. If you can think about just trying to SHIFT the anxious energy or worry a little bit, even if you can’t take it away, that can help. I suggest to my clients to just try a teaspoon, you don’t have to try a tablespoon of change. Starting with small steps can lead to larger more helpful strides and can get you started.

Best wishes during this different time in our world. May peace be with you as the unknowns are around us. Hopefully all will be back to more of the norm we knew, soon. The world has survived wars, plagues, all kinds of pandemics, and we will also will bounce back from this.

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