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  • Jan Taylor Schultz

New Year’s Resolutions for Health and Happiness

Worrying about possible weight gain after the holidays can be an issue for many people, but especially those who have eating disorders. It is hard not to pick on body image and weight after being out of a routine, being off of work or school for a week or more, and being with family or loved ones. I see several Indiana University students who take anywhere from 3-4 weeks off at the semester break, which oftentimes can be less than relaxing. Even taking a week or two off for my clients who work or attend high school in the Bloomington community can be troublesome. In many cases time off with loved ones can prove to be relaxing and energizing, but in some cases it can be stressful. Are you picking on your body? Did you eat food over the holidays that you typically do not eat during the rest of the year? Did you get out of your daily routine? Do you feel stressed that you did not practice the exercise routine you typically do when in daily work or school life?

If so, instead of starting a cycle of negative thoughts about your body, food, weight, and eating, how about starting out 2017 differently? I oftentimes challenge my clients to interrupt their negative thoughts and try to flood their mind with positive body thoughts, even if they don’t believe them. People with eating disorders have negative cycles of thinking, and it is important to try to flood the brain with positive thoughts even if the task seems impossible. There are several affirmations online that can be viewed, and very good ones. There also are positive affirmation cards that i have in my office waiting room for clients to view. After I see people looking at them, I ask how they feel after viewing them, and in most cases they say “it was nice,” or "I actually felt a little bit better after reading them.” So, I would encourage you to find anywhere from one to five positive body affirmations, and say them as many times a day as possible. I suggest that you put affirmations on your screen saver on your computer, set an alarm on your phone to say them a few times a day, and then eventually try to memorize the one or two that resonate with you. How about looking at starting 2017with a new outlook—try starting with positive affirmations and interrupting the negative cycle within.

Here are some examples of affirmations- Happy New Year and Good Luck in 2017!

"I love my body as it is today.”

"My worth isn't defined by my weight. I define my worth and I am worthy.”

"Body, I promise to love and cherish you always. I am sorry for ever being cruel to you and ask for forgiveness."

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