• Jan Taylor Schultz

Tips for Eating Healthfully

Thinking ahead

  • Plan your meals for the day: write down what you attempt to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Try not to eat large portions. Make attempts to eat three different items at each meal to make your plate look colorful.

Food Preparation

  • Try to prepare meals with a friend or family member if possible. If you are preparing a meal for yourself, don’t try to hurry, and make attempts not to eat/snack throughout the preparation process.

  • Set a table for yourself as if you were having a friend over. Sit at a table, with a plate, silverware, and cup.


  • When you are eating, concentrate only on what you are eating rather than watching TV, reading, or talking on the phone.

  • Breathe and relax while eating. Put down your spoon or fork between bites so you will assure not to hurry. Tell yourself that you need nutrition and what you are doing will help you to get well faster!

  • Call someone to tell him or her your accomplishment of eating a meal—CONGRATULATIONS! Let others know what a big step this is for you.

  • If you feel anxious after eating, try to be with people, leave the house to run an errand, and acknowledge that you are feeling anxious about it.


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